Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect.  

W. Clement Stone

As a former sales trainer for Fortune 500 companies, Dana Johnson brings first class training and experience to your team. Dana's basic program is a 2 hour training incorporating the psychology of selling and buying.  Your sales team will learn as much about themselves as they will about their prospects.  Dana's humorous style and engaging energy make the training fun.  Having been a sales person all of her life, Dana knows the last thing your sales team wants to do is sit in a lecture.  She incorporates group exercises and team building into the program to engage all learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, and visual). 

Dana can customize the program to your specific product or add programs to address specific needs within your organization.  You can also hire Dana to do this training for your referral partners with  emphasis on your products' benefits.  Whatever way you utilize Dana's teaching talents, you will be pleased with the results.  Your sales force, referral partners and clients will all enjoy the sales process more with the understanding of human nature.

To book Dana, please fill out the form below or contact her directly at .  You can also call  1-262-853-8996 or Skype DanaSJohnson.

Dana Johnson

International Speaker Experiential Business Consultant