Gail Towers MacAskill, CEcD
Sector Manager,
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

My thanks to you for the fine quality that you represented on behalf of WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation) at the WIGCOT (Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism).

Neale Donald Walsch

Life can show up no other way than that way in which you perceive it. 

Dana Johnson speaks around the world to audiences of all types and sizes.  Her humorous style and down to earth approach endears her quickly and makes audiences relax and ready to absorb the material.  Dana is an adventure concierge having started her own adventure company, Open Leaf Excursions, in 2010.  This with her background in sales and exercise physiology makes her a world leader in experiential communication.  Dana leads audiences through the psychology of human behavior and the physiology in the brain during travel.  She teaches anyone involved in the service industry how to gain trust quickly with clients and create the best most memorable experiences for these clients.

Dana caters to your group’s needs, doing key note presentations, 4 hour hands-on guide training workshops, 2 hour sales training for staff and referral partners and finally extensive business training sessions for managers and staff.  Having done stand-up comedy, Dana is quick on her feet and sure to make the time fly by with fun and laughter. 

Public Speaking - up to 1 hourSeminars- 1-3 hours for up to 100 peopleWorkshops - 4-6 hours for up to 20 peopleWorkshops - 4-6 hours for 20-50 people

To book Dana, please fill out the form below or contact her directly at .  You can also call 1-262-853-8996 or Skype DanaSJohnson.

Dana Johnson

International Speaker Experiential Business Consultant